Looking for a designer to build a beautiful landscape from start to finish?


 First, we look at the existing landscape and we listen to our clients' vision before offering ideas and solutions. Then, we create a design that also enhances the natural attributes of the environment.

We'll build your new landscape from the ground up, using plants and a color palette that will compliment your space. We specialize in organic garden design, too! 


Since we're working with living materials, it's important to maintain your landscape as the seasons change. We'll partner with you to ensure your outdoor living space thrives throughout the year!




Growing From the Ground Up


From the Ground Up was born out of a love and passion for creating extraordinary designs. Our founder Laura Bassett has poured her knowledge of landscape architecture, psychology, fine arts and organic gardening into a unique approach to design. 

Her independence and insight into the industry led her to create a company that was built on strong values. Creating intentional designs that enrich the lives of those receiving them.

Laura believes in partnering with local Landscape Contractors and Skilled Artisans. Supporting the local knowledge and collaborating to bring the design to life.

Each of her projects tells a story about the region and the life that is lived in it day to day. No two projects are the same and each one has a tale to tell.

Laura has earned a B.S. in Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon. Member of ASLA and ALPD.


Working with Laura was delightful! Her enthusiasm and knowledge about plants & landscape plans is amazing!


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