Maintenance: Seasonal vs. Weekly

We all want beautiful yards and little to no maintenance, right? Okay well it’s a little more complicated than that. We’re going to look at the two main types of maintenance and debunk the no maintenance myth.

Seasonal Maintenance (Clean Ups)

Every landscape will have seasonal maintenance, this may include tree and shrub trimming or pruning. Planting vegetable gardens and bulbs. Weed whacking down a field after the growing season.

The purpose of this type of maintenance is in Spring and Fall keeping everything at it’s top performance level. Ensuring it’s healthy and doing the yearly chores required to keep things looking great.

All landscapes will have seasonal maintenance, the amount depends on the size and complexity of your property.

Regular Maintenance (Monthly – Weekly)

This is the weekly to monthly upkeep of your property. This can include items like mowing the lawn, blowing leaves and weeding.

How much of this weekly maintenance you need will depend on the amount of lawn, trees that drop leaves year around (conifers and oaks) and flowers that need to be dead headed.

Most people can cut down their maintenance by eliminating the lawn. Grass needs to be mowed weekly or bi-weekly and set’s the schedule for your care team.

Next take out any flowers that need regular trimming, think roses and perennials. You can find color that only needs seasonal trims.

No Maintenance Myth

Don’t believe someone if they say that you can have a no maintenance property. Unfortunately, that just isn’t possible even if you to pave every square inch. Gravel still grows weeds and asphalt cracks, leaves fall from next door trees and dust blows in on the wind.

Choose the level of upkeep you can afford and then put it on the schedule. Don’t hesitate to re-do areas to decrease your maintenance in the long term.

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