Initiating Landscape Design!


Welcome to our blog!

I am Laura Bassett, a Landscape Designer and founder of From the Ground Up. I have a keen interest in creating landscape designs that reflect the best of our skills with your ideas. We strive to deliver landscapes that fit each client’s unique needs.

With an education in Landscape Architecture and roots in Sonoma Valley, I am the Designer on the team. My job is to listen to clients, to help them choose how they want their landscapes to look, function and represent their interests while installing and maintaining their landscapes.

Why did we want to start a blog?

We’ve gained a lot of information on plant research and design for clients through experience, hard work and education.  Whether in a big way or a small way, we want to share this information with others.

A blog is also a great way to distill seasonal knowledge and plant selections.

What can you expect to see?

My plan is to post what I’ve found useful in my landscape work, whether it’s little tricks I’ve used, lessons I’ve learned, or best practices. With my love of plants and some local insight, I hope you enjoy the journey of landscaping thinking this blog will follow.

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