Splashes of Color in Spring


This time of year is always marked by a sudden burst of color. After all the grey and green months behind us, this time of year can induce plant shopping sprees. Take a deep breath and fight the urge to run a marathon through you local nursery gathering everything brightly colored. 

Here are four great rules that you might consider when picking out plants for a Spring Splash:

Like with Like

Choose to keep similar color or flower types together in groups. This will allow spontaneous buying that also will look great together out in the yard.

Limit Color

In each zone you can decide to have color pops. Use one color you are loving and a couple that can go along with the main color. For example, yellow is vibrant this time of year, having a few white or lilac colored flowers will allow the eye a little rest.

Ask, "How often I want to be gardening? "

This is the biggest choice to make! Annuals are really exciting -- swaths of pansies, daisies and ranunculus look great -- spoiler alter, they only last a month or two around here. Perennials and shrubs only need to be planted once ever 2-7 years depending on the variety. It's up to you and your gardening style and budget.

Try something new! 

Here's an easy tip. When shopping for the plants yourself, combine them in your basket or cart. Select a plant that maybe seems a little odd and see what it looks like next to that giant purple daisy you just found.

Laura M BassettComment