Masonry in Action: Raised Vegetable Beds


Masonry has been used in building for thousands of years to alter landscapes.

I marvel at the skill, craftsmanship and beauty our team turns out on a variety of projects. Here’s a little inside look at how a set of garden planters were created. The process is almost as incredible as the final product.

First, we hand select the stone, this saves time and materials when installing. We then measure and pour the footing for the beds with rebar to add extra structure to the beds.

Now, comes the hard part; with very little chipping and shaping, our amazing team of masons fit each stone into place with just enough cement to keep them anchored but not show from the outside.

You can see here the different phases of the beds altogether, from placing the large base rocks, to filling in the wall and finally finding the perfect cap stones.

We can’t wait to see the client’s favorite vegetables flourishing in our vegetable beds!