Secret to Succulents


The secret to a great succulent garden is hidden in their diversity and habitat needs. Let's explore the world of succulents and how we use them in our designs.

Plant Care

Soil: Sandy or Rocky soil that is well drained. Succulents and can easily melt if you have thick clay soil.

Sun: Most love full sun but there are also a few that are do well in the shade.

Sources for inspiration: I always grab Debra Lee Baldwin's book Succulents Simplified. It has an amazing amount of information about the plants, their uses and some basic design theories you can apply. What is especially intriguing is the sections on wreaths, living walls and bouquets that feature succulents.

Design Sample

The following are process sketches from my work for a longtime client of Roy’s Landscaping.

Repetition, either through plant groupings or by repeating a focal point.

Balance, visually balancing a planting, making it all fit together.

Contrast, by texture or by size disparity. How does it all fit together? Well here's an example of a potential planting:

This design includes:Agave 'Blue Flame',Aloe parryi, Aloe vilmoriniana and Echeveria imbricata.

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